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Transform Your Sales Funnel

WatcherMe is a lead generation sales funnel that helps you transform visitors into leads

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How Does it Work?

WatcherMe helps you transform visitors into leads. Here’s how:

Step 1

Add the WatcherMe tracking script to your website

Step 2

Identify companies that are engaging with your site

Step 3

Get detailed contact information for identified leads, like emails, social profiles and more

Step 4

See which pages companies are viewing and how they’re engaging with your site

Step 5

Receive real-time alerts when a lead company visits your site

Step 6

View detailed reports about your data

WatcherMe transforms your sales funnel by giving you the data you need to make meaningful connections with leads. The right message at the right time can push leads along on the buyer journey.

The Benefits of Transforming Your Sales Funnel with WatcherMe

Find Out Which Companies are Visiting Your Site

WatcherMe identifies companies that are visiting your site

  • Find out who's interested in your products.
  • See what types of content they're viewing.
  • Get a pulse on which marketing channels are getting the best results.
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Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

WatcherMe works with your favorite tools and services to make lead generation a success. Integrate with your:

  • Salesforce sales funnel. Send your leads to your sales funnel Salesforce to close the deal.
  • HubSpot marketing automation software. Filter leads from WatcherMe and build new tasks for this CRM.
  • Slack collaboration platform. Transfer your leads, assign a sales rep and get notifications through your Slack channels.

Get in Touch with the Right People

WatcherMe does more than just identify company visitors. It also helps you get in touch with decision-makers

  • Get detailed contact information about company employees.
  • Find contact emails, social profiles and more.
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Follow Up Successfully

Identifying the companies visiting your website is just one piece of the puzzle. If you want to transform your sales funnel, you need to know how to follow up and engage with your visitors.
WatcherMe tells you:

  • What pages companies are visiting on your website.
  • How much time they spent on each page.
  • Their location.
  • Other important metrics.

All of this data helps you follow up successfully. With WatcherMe, you get to know your leads and their behaviors, so you can make the right move at the right time and with the right message.

WatcherMe Makes it Easy to Transform Your Sales Funnel

Install the WatcherMe tracker now to see which companies are visiting your website