Since the world has moved into online mode, emails have replaced an old-fashioned way of customer-company communication. The popularity of email marketing rises and falls from time to time which makes everyone think that it is dying. However, that’s not true. Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels of communication between brands and their clients. According to HubSpot Research, 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months. 

However, how can one explain that most email marketing campaigns fail? There are plenty of reasons. In this article, we have considered the tips to make your email campaigns successful. 

What is an email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails with various content that companies use to build long-term relationships with their subscribers. Email marketing campaigns have a strategy and goals. Setting up a clear purpose before the start will also help you to optimize email campaigns. Add several metrics to assess the result of every campaign. 

Why email marketing is important?

Is Email Marketing Still Alive? How to Optimize Your Campaigns - WatcherMe

The importance of email marketing is in the following points.

Constant engagement of clients. Use emails to provide your customers with useful content (guides, webinars, tutorials, checklists). Showing expertise has a credibility-building effect. The clients start to see you as an expert in a certain professional area and become more loyal to your company. Combine it with your news and updates to remind customers that you are constantly improving.

Collect customer feedback to use it in your product/services improvements. Create short surveys to find out how satisfied your customers are and what are their further expectations from your product. Use this information to optimize email marketing campaign and get better results.

Leads nurturing via emails drives them through the funnel to the purchase. Help those who signed up for your newsletter but still hesitate to make a deal. Show them the benefits they receive working with you. Reach cold leads to expand your outreach.

Email campaigns give a better understanding of your client’s portrait and preferences. Analyzing the results of your email campaigns you can infer your audience area of interest, make amendments in your buyer persona portrait and use this information for further lead generation.

Unique knowledge about your customers makes it easier for you to create a personalized offer for additional sales.

Tips for optimization your email marketing campaign

If you think that you can launch an email campaign once and never open it again, except for monitoring the results, we have bad news for you. You need to optimize email campaigns all the time, so they show effective results.

Is Email Marketing Still Alive? How to Optimize Your Campaigns - WatcherMe

Check the tips on how to optimize an email campaign.

Optimize for all devices

Fortunately, in our modern digital world, manufacturers tend to standardize the software. However, we still have several browsers, different screen sizes, various mail software, and applications. Almost 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Different email service providers offer a bulk of templates customized for mobile. 

You can also set up your emails to display different content depending on the device of the recipient (tablet, Android or iPhone). For example, when you need to redirect your users to PlayMarket or AppStore based on their device. 

Make your emails mobile-friendly using the following layout types. Single-column layout better suits text-based emails. It is easy to read such an email and the images look harmonically in it. Multi-column emails are better for content-based emails as they require horizontal scrolling. Reading text this way is inconvenient so focus on attractive content. 

Bear in mind that recipients open your email on many different devices, so make sure it will be displayed correctly, conveniently, and uploaded quickly. 

Personalised emails to optimise email marketing

What is a personalization regarding emails? It means that you use the customer’s data to send him relevant content. Personalization results in higher ROI, better engagement, increased open rate, a meeting of client’s expectations. As a consequence, it leaves a positive impression of the sender.

Is Email Marketing Still Alive? How to Optimize Your Campaigns - WatcherMe

Remember, you are trying to break through the pile of other letters in your client’s inbox. People pay more attention to the things that relate to them. Include your recipient’s name in the subject and welcome line of the letter. 

Write about the things connected with your client. For example, if you are an online store, mention the products your client had bought previous time and add something new to complement them. Or, if he read your article send him similar ones. Set up triggered emails to follow up actions your user does on your website. It will increase the conversion rate and help to solve any issues once they appear.

Include strong CTAs

Tell your customer what you want him to do. CTA (call-to-action button) should be remarkable, understandable and harmonize with the design of the email. Don’t overload your message with many CTAs: 1 email contains 1 CTA. 

Avoid adding them too often in one letter. It annoys the reader and makes your email look less serious. Replace boring words like “enter” or “submit” with more action-packed words like “try,” “get,” and “reserve.” Your call to action words should relate to your specific offer like: Get a free sample, Download the Guide, Book your seat, etc. 

Segment your users

One more way to optimize an email marketing campaign is to segment your audience. Segmentation is a process of dividing your list of contacts into smaller groups which allows email marketers to send highly relevant emails to their subscribers.

Proper segmentation increases open rate, improves click-through-rate and decreases unsubscribe rate. 

The criteria for segmentation is up to you. It depends on the goal you want to achieve and is based on the characteristics of your audience. For example: 

  • subscription type: send welcome letters for new subscribers or notifications when their subscription is coming to an end;
  • preferences: clients who agree to receive any updates and those who chose only a few notifications. Short tip: ask your subscribers from time to time how often they prefer to receive your newsletters. 
  • location: send notification about an event for the users depending on their country and time zone;
  • interests: clients who like cats and those who like dogs;
  • lead magnet: if you use a lead magnet on your website, send emails based on the action they did;
  • activity:  push those who haven’t interacted with your newsletters for a long time;
  • abandoned cart: suitable for online stores and reminds clients about the purchases they quitted;
  • open rate: based on these metrics you can propose special offers for more engaged clients;
  • didn’t buy: user watched a page with a certain product but left without any further actions;
  • review follow-up: if a customer left feedback, send him an email to say thank you or to ask for more details;
  • birthday: congratulate your subscribers on their birthday.

Updated email list

Revise your email list on relevant addresses and keep it updated. The email base is getting older, some addresses become inactive. If you see that the recipient never opens your emails and reactivation letters give no results, remove it from the list. 

Validate your email list to detect inactive addresses and to extract them. Sending emails to invalid recipients will increase the bounce rate on the campaigns. In the worst case, it can affect your domain. 

Is Email Marketing Still Alive? How to Optimize Your Campaigns - WatcherMe

Always include an opt-out link in your email. You would better have several opted-out recipients than receiving spam complaints. By the way, keep track of the unsubscribed recipients and don’t add them to a new email campaign. These people are not interested in your product anymore, and you need to respect it. Otherwise, they might consider your ongoing emails intrusive and your reputation will be spoiled. 


Now you know how to optimize an email campaign to get the highest results from it: segment your contact list, keep it updated, use clear and strong CTA, use personalization in your letters, optimize the letters for all devices. 

Keep in mind that email marketing is all about creativity and testing various options. Study your audience and create the letters they are waiting for and would enjoy reading. And don’t hurry up to bury email marketing until you squeeze everything from it.