Alongside all the mess this crazy 2020 year brought us, it also fostered an ability to go over any sudden changes, track and follow up trends, transform and seek other effective communication channels, lead gen tools, and offbeat solutions.

Even though an entire business has to stay locked down, hi-tech and global digitalization allows operating online without putting on hold working processes and planned campaigns. This article we dedicate to the 2021 predictions based on the 2020 tendencies in email marketing. So, where the wind blows?  

What is email marketing in 2021?

Emailing is one of the most suitable communication channels for both business and personal purposes. It’s something very personal on one hand, and quite formal, on the other. Today our email boxes remind a railway station with a high workload – hundreds of letters, notifications, newsletters, blog emails, reminders, and promo pop into it. To browse them all, an account owner needs hours but instead browses only the most-awaited and important, or the most catching.

How To Succeed With a Cold Email List? - WatcherMe

In the context of this year’s experience, the upcoming 2021 will save the social distancing mode, so we need to get the most out of each email to broaden the list of clienteles. 

Here are the recent trends we’ve highlighted from the expert opinions that can come in handy for best emailing in 2021.

Concentration on personalization  

Who would like to respond to the cold as ice email, as if you’re just someone no one cares? Surely, not many. When the email is not addressed to a certain person, there is no name or at least some information related to an individual, it would hardly resonate with a desire to answer.

Thus, marketers should compose more powerful messages to reach out to the audience. But still, the surveys show that even the always-online generation is not so eager to spend time reading letters from brands with which they don’t have user history. Up to 31% of cold letters are immediately sent into the “spam” box without learning the content. 

How To Succeed With a Cold Email List? - WatcherMe

Interactivity and participation

Ice-covered boring emails are out of fashion. Readers remain passive with suchlike paragraphs. Amid best cold email template that raises activity are lively emails with quizzes, image carousels, feedback forms, AR elements, and other clickable sections without leaving the inbox. Instead of tons of lifeless information, users will be involved in the message and could learn more about your project.

Text-enriched emails

This unexpected waft aimed to recall the sense of a real letter. Sort of texting with people you know. Show your customers that they are meaningful in the life of your business and explain what their exact contribution is. Emails overwhelmed with images and GIFs look like “send-to-spam” and heavy. By this, CEO-signed letters, storytelling, real facts, and insights of your company will be the real thing. The task is to build a personal connection between a brand and an individual. Another good way to break the ice would be the position of understanding of their daily battles and intentions, like ‘Got a problem? Jump in for solution!’ 

Colours matter!

How To Succeed With a Cold Email List? - WatcherMe

Together with a meaty text, the email letter can be saturated with bright colors. Even though text-only letters are trendy, the design is still highly valued. Focus on the reader, an exact message from you, and a related color to intensify the emotional impression through the visual channel.

Colors evoke associations affecting psychic setup, for instance, red is the color of danger, desire, activity, and love. Blue means tranquillity, sobriety, reliance, and safety. Yellow and orange shades are provocative, appetizing, and flamboyant. Green is the nature-associated pigment that brings a feeling of harmony, a safe environment, profit, and balanced life living. Consider which color can help you to engage the non-verbal thinking and spark off prospects’ interest.

The above-mentioned tricks and other marketing crafts can come in handy to excite the targeted reaction on your email. 

First things first, you need to distinguish between warm and cold email lists.

What is the difference between cold and warm email lists?

Times, when trading worked by the featureless “buy-sell” scheme almost passed away, as the modern world highly praises communication and involvement. Trademarks strive to make friends with customers or partners and be mutually useful to each other. In general, when developing a marketing strategy, you have two funnels – strangers and clients – cold and warm lists.          

The cold list will include strangers:

  • users you don’t know yet;
  • they haven’t bought anything from you yet, or
  • those who stay neutral to your business. 

Working with this type of audience is a bit challenging as you don’t have touch points and there is a lack of information or behavioral details. The main task of sending emails to the cold list is to announce to customers that you exist, and inform them about the keynote of your project. 

This list is cold and has a small possibility to include sales-ready leads, however, new horizons should be reached. As eventually, strangers become familiar, so here you get the warm list.

 How To Succeed With a Cold Email List? - WatcherMe

The warm list will consist of customers with whom you’ve already built relationships. Regular engagement, sending reminders, and of course, purchasing makes your business more valuable and raises the conversion rate. However, it doesn’t mean that now you should attack warm users with all existing offers and batter them to buy on an everyday basis. This is only a certain stage in your interaction, so tactics should be smart, delicate but not aggressive.       

How to turn the cold list into leads? (example with templates)

By this, you have to show resourcefulness and offer useful information or some advantages that might interest users, click your website, or execute any action you need. For example, give them some text file with useful tips or carried out case matter, a short guidebook about “how to fight laziness” or “how to make every lockdown day the most productive and happy”. In fact, any interesting and burning content will be feasible. Help them to overcome some of their human struggles and compose the email body from this point. Have a look at several best email follow-up templates, we’ve compiled in the clauses below:

How To Succeed With a Cold Email List? - WatcherMe

  • Non-salesy introduction to the new prospects.


Hi [Recipient Name],

Had the pleasure to review your latest post on [social media service] and got to know from your company’s website that you are engaged in [issue, goal, project].

Recently our team faced a similar case with [your client’s name] in [brief task/issue plot].

As a result, we’ve made up a descriptive manual about the implemented case tactics. Would you like to look it through?

Notify me, and I’ll send it to you right away.

  • Establish credibility and trust through social facts.


Hi [Recipient Name],

Lately, we completed a task for [note the well-known/noted company you’ve cooperated with] to achieve [formidable goals/results you had to set up].

We are specializing in suchlike objects and have a remarkable portfolio concerning these issues with comprehensive feedbacks from [recognized company #1,2,3…]

In this message, I’d like to inform you about [your solutions] that can be convenient for [potential client’s project name] as well.

If it is resonant for you, I can reveal to you the precise performance plan.

We can get in touch to discuss it more carefully. How about a call next Tuesday?

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to pitch your practice-proved benefits and outcompete others.

Hi [Recipient Name],

I’m from [company name] team and I know you tried/used [competitor’s service/product].

At first sight, [your product] and the product of [the competitor] have something familiar, but we aimed to make it the most befitting for [the client’s sphere/vertical]. Lately, our clients admitted that our product has:

Benefit #1

Benefit #2

Benefit #3

In view of your business field and customers’ specifics, you can get a more efficient and cost-cutting layout with us [explain the benefits of accepting your proposition].

Why don’t we discuss it in-depth next week? It would be great to schedule a meeting or a call for a more insightful talk.

  • Problem-solving solution template

Hi [Recipient Name],

Have you ever faced [problem/obstacle] in [potential company’s name]?

So did [another company’s name], but thanks to [helping tool], they could [gained result].

[Troublesome issue that your solution can fix] is what most companies are suffering from and which causes [admit painful consequence of unsettled problem].

Our company created [product] to bypass this and get the [insert achievement] through [brief pitch].

I’m ready to unveil you all the profits. Do you have time this Wednesday at 3 p.m. for a brief dialogue?


Marketing was always fast-paced and sensitive, but the pandemic brought it a whole new era. Experts and analytics were hurt by this unpredictability while players were obliged to adjust their businesses towards new conditions. Who would’ve thought that the whole world would become paralyzed and perplexed by a new-gen disease for a year or even more?

Anyway, the show goes on. Various marketing campaigns and business strategies continue execution. Today marketing space has a philosophy of subscriber-centricity, requiring to have in-depth scrutiny of the targeted audience. Players have to deploy complex testing of the marketing tools, compose best review emails, and switch on the two-steps-forward brain work.

How tainted this year wouldn’t be by the pandemic, the digital marketing overcomes any struggles, adjusts, and molds the mainstream.