When a company achieves some waymarks in the sales plan – the appetite increases. In a little while, you want to get on the next level and learn how to sell more. This is a natural striving to evolve and expand the share of your company in the market.

But present-day marketing is not that “cold” as it was before. The leading sales managers appoint that building warm trust-based relationships with your buyer or client is so much more than a “buy-and-bye” style in sales.

The following points will explain to you why it is crucially important to embrace the updated marketing style in sales. Have a nice reading!

Know your product

Whatever you are going to do, explore it from top to bottom. Focusing on merits and flaws, you will be able to build strong arguments when selling goods & services. Try to predict what doubts prevent users from purchasing. Think, develop, and write down the most killing tenets against customers’ objections or hesitations.

When completing a deal, stay confident and prepare several intelligent and weighty proofs as an ace in a hole. Anyway, even the most ordinary stuff can have a zest. Creativity and pitching may help you to sell even the simplest brick.

How to Sell More? - WatcherMe

Make the first move

If you are in sales and want to know how to sell more, get ready to be proactive. Nowadays, the user’s attention lasts a split second while they scroll. Entrepreneurs have to speed up as well to get in touch with prospects while they are “warm”.

By this, learning the engagement level will depict for how long the user stays attracted to your content and what exactly attracts him/her. Some visitors just surf across your pages; some prefer leaving email for more info, and some view photos, add to favorite and check prices.

It can act as a small clue that helps you establish communication with a potential buyer. When you get in touch with a customer, try to offer products/goods/services he viewed or searched earlier. Thus, making the first call will be well-timed, and the likelihood of meaningful dialogue will be higher.

Don’t sell to the unmotivated

In other words – don’t spend your time in vain and don’t be annoying with those who are not engaged with your offerings. Especially, if you aimed to learn how to sell more. In most cases, you can clearly predict who is just lingering and who is ready to make a deal.

How to Sell More? - WatcherMe

Of course, don’t delete those contacts forever, as things can change and intentions to buy can appear. Perhaps, you will need a list of suchlike customers, which you can render to the marketing team. Marketers might have certain triggers about how to warm up passive users. After a while, get back to those lists to make new shots.

Qualify your leads

If a visitor left personal contact info in your form, it cannot be considered as a final lead. Don’t indulge in illusions as the sales history is still empty. Not every single client – your client. You can grab every chance to obtain a customer, but where is the benefit? Will you spend your resources efficiently?

Amid truly worthy tips to sell, with the best scores, will be the BANT method. BANT entails Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline. If you can mark the statements below as positive, then it’s a valuable lead. Let’s see:

  • Budget

The lead can afford to purchase your product. Yes/No?

  • Authority

Your client does have the authority to make decisions about closing the deal. Yes/No?

  • Need

Your client has a need for your offering or he/she can fix the problem with your product. Yes/No?

  • Timeline

Your client pointed out the time frame for making a deal with you. Yes/No?

Knowing the answers for these statements, you can determine the potential of your lead or maybe it is not a lead at all. With BANT, you can set a forecast of whether the matter worth your efforts straight from the beginning. Also, it helps to understand the entire quality of your cooperation.

Creatively outdo your competition

Answer one question. What is special about your business? What differentiates your product from the hundreds of rivals in the market? Ready to name one or several? So make it a pivotal point and show off with your uniqueness or the feature that you do in the best way.

How to Sell More? - WatcherMe

It can relate to the price, quality, service, delivery, regular discount programs, gainful offerings, and creative pitch or promo content. Consider how your business improves and eases the lives of the customers, and give them the solution through your product.

Make use of the prospect’s best time

Usually, a good courtesy is to talk about business during business hours. The well-known 9-to-5. But if you browse numerous “tips to sell” articles, most modern experts will claim “get in touch with prospects in the high time of their engagement”.

It means to define the part of the day when a user is interested to browse emails, offerings, and have meaningful conversations.

Ask your prospect when it’s convenient for him/her to have a call or meet. When you arranged an appointment, you will have a chance to inform a person about all options of your potential cooperation. Mostly, people appreciate your respect for their precious time.

How to Sell More? - WatcherMe


Indeed, some things changed, some new algorithms hit the edge of importance. Anyway, it’s better to move with the tendencies. And implement next:

  • Keep yourselves open-minded in the eye of business the same as in the rest of life spheres.
  • Marketing and sales department should have a strong connection and provide expertise and ideas to each other.
  • The key point of your project is to cooperate with an audience and gain mutual welfare.

Have you found something from our list of sales tips stuff that you haven’t tried yet? It would be great to learn more about your unique expertise and working scrutiny. We wish you find your secret weapon and strike the goal you’ve aimed for!