Leads are the backbone of every business. If you don’t have leads, you’re not making sales and are going to struggle to stay afloat. Evergreen lead generation tools can work for you, 24/7, to help generate targeted leads that are interested in your product or service.

What Is Evergreen Lead Generation?

Marketing methods that continue to generate leads for weeks, months or years are considered evergreen. When you want to improve sales or top past revenue, the lead generation methods you choose matter most.

Traditional lead generation remains an important part of every marketing campaign.

But when you can add in evergreen leads, these methods will allow for new leads to trickle into your business over the long-term. You’ll have new opportunities and targeted leads coming to your site for years to come.

You’ll be able to use the various methods of lead generation to:

  •         Build authority and expertise
  •         Educate your audience

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

  •         Make sales
  •         Grow your online visibility

Major brands also rely heavily on evergreen leads because they work for them on every holiday, day and night, all year long.

You can build your business using these same techniques and tools.

The Best Methods and Tools for Evergreen Lead Generation

Targeted leads convert at a higher rate and are interested in your business. You can use lead generation tools and methods today that can continue generating sales for years to come. Before we dive into specific methods of generation, let’s take a look at some of the tools that you should be using:

  •         OptinMonster (email)

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

  •         Constant Contact (email)

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

  •         Prospect.io (prospecting)

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

  •         Pipedrive

You can also start using a CRM to keep tabs of customers and past interactions that you have with them. There are also other options, such as advertising and PPC, that you might be able to set up and get started using.

Tools can make the process easier and require less overhead to run in the long-term, although there’s an initial learning curve. There are dozens of additional tools that can also help you that didn’t make it on the list above. Buffer and Hootsuite are two social media marketing tools that can be used for evergreen purposes, too.

Types of Evergreen Leads

Since you have the tools to help lead generation efforts, it’s time to learn about the evergreen methods that you can put in place today to continue generating new leads to your business.

Content Marketing

Content is a long-term game, but it is one that can set your business up for success. The idea is that you’ll create content that your audience wants to read during the buying cycle. For example, let’s assume that you run a small business that sells equipment to restaurants.

Your business may create:

  •         Blog posts

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

  •         Videos
  •         Images
  •         eBooks
  •         Guides
  •         Tutorials

Examples of potential evergreen are “how to choose an oven for a 30-seat restaurant” or a video explaining how to set up a restaurant’s interior properly. Since you’re selling equipment, you can recommend the products that you sell and become an integral part of the business’ education and success.

This type of content isn’t timely, nor does it go stale.

New owners that are searching for more information on running their businesses may search for their questions on Google, find your site and become a potential lead.

Video Marketing

Video is a major marketing medium, and a lot of businesses are using platforms, such as YouTube, to generate leads. The content that you create should educate users, show them how to use your product or service and answer questions.

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

Start a campaign today, creating high-quality videos that never go out of style and can be used to promote your business.

Build a List

Email remains one of the most lucrative mediums on the market today. We listed a lot of email platforms that you can use to help with lead generation. The idea is simple:

  •         Build a list by encouraging people to sign up for it by offering:

o   Freebies

o   Deals

o   Unique information

  •         Create email sequences that nurture leads and generate sales
  •         Send out emails to your list when you have specials
  •         Continue nurturing subscribers with high-end content

Your list can be one of your most valuable assets because these are highly targeted subscribers that want to know more about your business or what you have to offer.

Create Tools

If you can, and it’s not possible in every industry, create tools that your audience may want. With this approach, you can generate a lot of new business. For example, HubSpot offers an immense amount of content and a great CRM that is free to use.

The free aspect of the CRM attracts leads by offering them something that they need for free.

Tools can be “try before you buy,” or they can have limited functionality that can be expanded for a price. Using our restaurant sample, it’s possible to create a restaurant planning tool that attracts leads.

Social Media

A lot of people focus on social media for a few days, and then all of a sudden, they decide that it’s time to abandon their efforts. When you create an account that is highly engaging and really generates followers, it’s possible to sell to these leads time and time again.

Take a look at Nike or one of the other leading social media accounts on Instagram.

Evergreen Lead Generation Methods and Tools - WatcherMe

The copany has such an immense following that continues to grow every day thanks to the social media posts they’ve made in the past. When they have a new shoe or apparel line that they want to promote, they can do so to their 122 million followers.


All the world’s top companies are using evergreen lead generation to keep their revenue flowing in day after day. You can use many of these same methods to start growing your sales and authority in your industry.

Of course, you must have a mix of marketing methods in place to generate leads.

Traditional and evergreen lead generation work well together. You can promote a major, limited-time sale to increase sales immediately while also using the evergreen methods we discussed in the last section to continually generate new leads.