If you want to increase website revenue, there’s a lot you can do. First, you need to have a healthy amount of traffic to make money. Without traffic, it’s impossible to generate revenue from website visitors that’s actually meaningful.

How can websites generate revenue?

A lot of ways.

Affiliate Links

You might be generating revenue using a variety of methods. Some people sell products, services or subscriptions, and others will use ad networks to make money. Affiliate links can also be used because you’re going to:

  •         Receive a larger cut of the proceeds
  •         Choose the product or service best suited to your audience
  •         Integrate affiliate links into your content in a way that’s not intrusive

Affiliate networks can be found online and include:

  •         ShareASale

Easy Ways to Increase Your Revenue With Your Website - WatcherMe

  •         Clickbank

Easy Ways to Increase Your Revenue With Your Website - WatcherMe

  •         CJ.com

Easy Ways to Increase Your Revenue With Your Website - WatcherMe

You’ll find tons more, including Amazon and direct affiliate links. Direct affiliate programs allow you to have an intimate relationship with the product or service creator. If you’re able to bring in a large volume of sales, you may be able to demand a higher commission rate.

The one thing that you don’t want to do is bombard your audience with too many links. Be strategic with the programs that you join and promote. If you’re able to offer top-tier products and people value the recommendations that you make, you’ll generate a lot of revenue without losing visitors in the process.

If you sell your own product or service, you may even want to pay for search campaigns and PPC ads.

Evaluate Your Paid Search Campaigns

Are you paying to have your site on the top of Google, Facebook or another website? Search traffic is highly converting, but a single mistake on a paid search campaign can cost you money.

You’ll want to pay special attention to the keywords that you’re paying to rank for on these sites.

There are keywords that are “buyer keywords” that have a higher conversion rate and what consumers search for when they’re at the end of the sales process. A few of the keywords are:

  •         Buy X product
  •         X product reviews
  •         Purchase X product

Take time to research keywords in your niche and be sure to test them on your paid search campaigns. Create multiple ad variations and also A/B test them to find which keywords are producing the most revenue.

Prune the low performing keywords from your campaign to free up those lost ad dollars to be used on keywords that are generating the most revenue.

Encourage Repeat Visits

When you open up Google Analytics or a similar platform to view your site’s visitors, pay attention to returning visitors. Businesses around the world rely on repeat customers because they’re acquired and then keep generating revenue without costing much overhead.

Easy Ways to Increase Your Revenue With Your Website - WatcherMe

Businesses will focus on brand loyalty and grow a loyal following of repeat customers.

You can and should be doing the same on your website. Visitors that return for free are the ideal choice. If you want to learn how to make money from a website, it’s by finding ways to entice visitors to keep coming back.

Methods that you can use to encourage repeat visitors are:

  •         Email. Be sure to build an email list. These lists are going to generate a ton of revenue on their own and can be sold to multiple times. When you create a list, you can remind customers of sales, reach out to customers that are going stale or nurture leads with email sequences. Gather emails at checkout or by creating a sign-up form that offers discounts or specials.
  •         Blog. Content marketing is a natural way to generate traffic to a website. You can funnel organic, targeted traffic to your site with a blog. Visitors that find your site once and enjoy the content you create may keep coming back periodically for more. Notifications and having an RSS feed can alert visitors that it’s time to view the new content that you create.
  •         Social Media. Creating a strong social media presence enables you to stay connected with your base. Post new deals or products on your page, and your followers will go to your site to view them.

If you can keep visitors or past customers coming back to your website, you’ll maintain steadier revenue levels and can generate new sales.

Count the Necessary Clicks

Clicks matter. When you go to a website, how many clicks does it take to make a purchase? A lot of sites will have three clicks at most to add an item to a cart. Others will require fewer clicks because they know that clicks act as barriers.

Easy Ways to Increase Your Revenue With Your Website - WatcherMe

The more barriers you place between your visitor and a sale, the fewer sales you’ll make.

It’s important that you:

  •         Visit your site
  •         Try purchasing a product or service yourself
  •         Count all of the clicks you make

If you’re funneling traffic to your site through advertising, try and have the user land on the product page so that they can add the item to their cart or purchase immediately. You can even add a checkout option on each page if you like.

Be sure to look at your entire sales funnel and count the clicks.

If you can, in a logical way, reduce the number of links before making a sale, do it. You can even A/B test your pages to see if a new format that promotes fewer clicks impacts your conversion rates. Ideally, the fewer the clicks, the higher your conversion rates will rise.

Making additional sales off the traffic that you already receive allows you to increase your revenue without increasing your ad dollars.


These are just a few ways to make money with a website. You can incorporate new ads, sell ad space or begin selling your own products. If you have ample traffic, you can use the tips above to increase website revenue today.

Consistency is crucial to being able to increase the revenue you’re earning from your site. If what you’re doing today doesn’t work tomorrow, don’t be afraid to make changes to your site. In the long-term, you’ll have to change and adapt the way that you generate revenue from website visitors to maximize earnings.