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Account Based

Account based marketing software lets your sales team boost sales by targeting the right decision makers in a company with targeted, personalized ads.

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Why Account Based Marketing?

Marketing the traditional way works, but you’re marketing to a vast audience. You'll spend a lot of money on ads to potential customers that may not be ready to make a purchase, or you may reach a potential customer that is months or years away from using your product or service.

Sales teams that use our account based marketing tool are able to:


Target specific accounts


Improve their return on investment (ROI)


Focus on high-value leads to generate maximum revenue

Targeted marketing using account based marketing software is the way for your sales team to jump on the big data trend to:


Improve customer lifetime value


Outperform other forms of marketing


Deliver a personalized experience to potential leads

Account based marketing is used by large companies worldwide to lower their risks of a potential lead converting and increase their sales volume. In 2019, marketing teams dedicated about 40% of their team to account based marketing.

Automation and artificial intelligence bring marketing to the next level with our built-in B2B filtering tools to find which companies are visiting your sites and offers and their contact information.

Marketing has never been this consistent and reliable.

How Does Account Based Marketing Tools from WatcherMe Work?

Accounts are on your website right now, consuming your content and going through your sales funnel. WatcherMe will analyze your traffic with a single piece of code that takes seconds to add to your site.

You'll be able to identify prospects that are visiting your site and generate their contact information, including:

  • Higher conversions
  • Filters to make sense out of your data
  • Full contact information
  • Deep integration with the tools you know and love
  • Less time spent on bad leads

Sales teams can reach out to these prospects, those already interested in your product or service,and convert the lead.

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Personalized marketing reaches a new level, with account based marketing that targets the right shareholders in a business that have the power to purchase your product or service. It's a fast, easy way to boost ROI versus traditional marketing campaigns.

Our account based marketing tool demystifies the account based marketing trend, allowing you to nail it on the first try.

It's time you give your marketing team a chance to fill your pipeline with accounts that are just waiting for a member of your sales team to reach out to them and make a sale. You deserve to crush it this year with the help of WatcherMe.